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Quality Wheelchair Cushions

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Designed with the active or rehabilitating user in mind, our Rehab product line offers the cutting edge in mobility technology.
Vector O2

Long Term Care

Durable, quality wheelchair cushions built for long term care, including geriatric, bariatric, and other home care needs.
Saddle Cushion

Wheelchair Cushion Guide


Vicair Smart Cells

Add or remove “Smart Cells” into specially designed compartments in the cushion shell to customize the wheelchair cushion.
Vicair cushions have a softer feel and allows the individual to immerse into the cushion.
Smart Cells are slightly compressed and slide against each other under the weight of an individual. This creates Contour, Envelopment and Pressure Redistribution.
Smart Cells are held in specially designed compartments, they do not migrate thus providing Functional Stability.



The pressure-relieving Quadra3D Gel pack reduces shear forces and heat build-up. Includes four 3D compartments that evenly distributes gel under the seated surface.

Evolite Gel

Evolite is an ultra-lightweight composite gel that flows to respond to positional changes made by users. Evolite is 60% lighter than equal volumes of water-based or visco elastic gel.


Visco Foam

Four pound Visco foam contours to the users body, promoting maximum skin protection.

Moldable Insert

ATI Base

The moldable insert is contructed of high strength, lightweight aluminum. It is moldable to enable additional contour and support. The moldable base maintains its shape under even the most active users.
This system allows for on-site customization to effectively meet the needs of the user. The dynamic nature of input provides positioning support while allowing for movement. The insert can be re-molded to meet changes in a person’s physical and functional needs.