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Inception Simulation Kit

Designing a Seat Support Surface
+ Inception Simulation Kit
Your guide to building custom cushions using a range of layer shapes, foams, fabrics and other options.
Order a kit and recieve a link to our video course "Designing a Seat Support Surface," for 1 hour of instruction worth 0.1 CEUs (details below).
Order two Inception Cushions, and the cost of your kit will be credited back to you!
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Inception Simulation Kit
ISK Features
ISK Features
Inception Simulation Kit
Inception Simulation Kit
Video Course: Designing a Seat Support Surface
Understanding how to use the Inception Simulation Kit for creating a custom seat support surface. The course covers foam and fabric characteristics, positioning features and shapes and how they all relate to achieving client goals in seating and positioning. Completion of course counts as 0.1 CEU.
  • Chapter 1: Building Your Own Seat Support
  • Chapter 2: Properties of Foam
  • Chapter 3: Foam Options
  • Chapter 4: Foam Options - Open Cell vs. Closed Cell
  • Chapter 5: Seating Layer Structures
  • Chapter 6: Choosing the Shape
  • Chapter 7: Getting Started Building Your Seat Support Surface
  • Chapter 8: Things to Consider
Watch the Video
Enter code "ISK" at video signup.
Stacey Mullis - Inception Simulation Kit
6 Types of Foam Included
  • High Resiliency Foam: Medium & Soft
  • Viscool Memory Foam: Medium, Soft & Extra Soft
  • Visco Foam: Extra Extra Soft
3 Layer Options
Top Layer + Finish Options
  • Top Layer Foams
  • Rail Cuts
  • Growth Notches
  • Leg Length Discrepency
  • Hamstring Relief
Mid Layer Options
  • Ischial Inserts
  • Full Length Recess
  • Rear Quadrant Recess
  • QuadraGel
  • Ischial Gel
  • Memory Foam
  • Mid Layer Foam(s)
  • Adductors
  • Abductor
  • Anti-Thrust
  • Anti-Thrust Growth Kit
Lower Layer Options
  • Wedge/Half Wedge
  • Base Layer Foam(s)
  • Coccyx Cutout
  • Crosslink
  • ATI (adjustable technology insert)
  • Rigid Insert

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