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Acta-Embrace™ ATI

HCPCS Coding: E2624/E2625

Mobility Management Best Picks 2016
Mobility Management Best Picks award winner 2016
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Acta-Embrace ATI
Adjustable Technology Insert
Adjustable Technology Insert
Acta-Embrace ATI Demo Video
Acta-Embrace ATI Demo Video
GlideWear Feature Video
GlideWear Feature Video
  1. Deep lateral and medial leg contours promote postural alignment.
  2. Tapered leg adductors increase in width near the back of the cushion to give support to the greater trochanters.
  3. Two layers of foam, a contoured molded base foam with a layer of memory foam, provide comfort and skin protection.
  4. Comes standard with non-skid bottom and hook and loop attachment.
  5. Moldable ATI base allows for on-site customization to effectively meet the needs of the user. The dynamic nature of input provides positioning support while allowing for movement. The ATI base can be remolded to meet changes in both physical and functional needs.
Acta-Embrace Features


Anti-Thrust: The Embrace Anti-Thrust cushion provides anterior pelvic build-up to prevent forward migration.

Zero Elevation: The Embrace Zero Elevation cushion allows for greater freedom of movement for standard positioning issues.
Acta-Embrace Features
GlideWear TechA new cover option adapted from leading prosthetics technology, GlideWear is designed to promote healing and reduce the risk of Pressure Injury through the use of the Shear Reduction Zone.

GlideWear provides:
  • Reduction of shear forces to increase skin protection
  • 100% breathability for microclimate control
  • Improved comfort from reduced friction
The GlideWear technology option is available as an embedded upgrade to Stretch-Air & Comfort-Tek fabric options. Latex free.
GlideWear Tech
Reflective Piping


Comfort Company backrests and cushions feature reflective piping to ensure we are doing our part to promote safety and protect the wheelchair user. Reflective piping has the ability to return a large portion of light directly back to the source it came from, allowing it to be seen from up to 500 feet away in low light conditions. Make sure you are visible.



Designed to be airy and breathable with a superior stretch. Stretch AirTM provides heat dissipation for comfort while the multi-directional stretch contributes to pressure relief by allowing the user to gain the full benefit of the back support or cushion design. Latex-free.Stretch-Air Cover


Designed for infection control and as an incontinence barrier, this Polyurethane material has a smooth and extremely soft top layer with a high-stretch Polyester backing. It is an easily cleaned surface using most common disinfectants. Latex free.Comfort-Tek Cover

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Amy Sharer/Oregon
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Thank you doesn’t begin to cover the amazing gift I received on Tuesday! I cried tears of joy when I heard about your gracious offer on Friday, and by Tuesday (an amazingly speedy turn around) – it was real! I couldn’t believe it...it was real! I opened the box, switched out my Curve for the Embrace...and oh my goodness, what a wonderful fit! Before the Embrace, I was trying to think about what adjustments I really needed / wanted for the back support on my chair...my pelvis was sliding forward almost every time I looked down...I had difficulty keeping my back against the back...there was support missing for my lower back when my body would slide forward and it was sliding forward almost constantly (after my therapist pointed it out, especially)... ...but not now! The Embrace has changed everything! Now my body and pelvis fits perfectly into the Embrace...my lower back tucks against my backrest comfortably...my sitting balance has improved to the point I’m almost not tilting sideways (at least not at home), my pelvis and body doesn’t slide forward constantly (almost never) – it’s totally comfortable...I’m so amazed that one cushion, one tiny little change, can do all this good! The rigid insert feels great, the cushion feels absolutely wonderful...previously my chair was a way for me to get around, to sit comfortably, for doing all the activities I wanted to do, over long periods of time, to hold me in place; now it truly is! I am so amazed and thrilled with this...it is totally worth it! Thank you to you, Robin, for being an awesome person, and thank you for working for a wonderful company that truly understands “comfort” in a chair (and the importance of weight). I am incredibly thankful for the ability to try this out – I found out what a difference a simple change made, and how supportive an “Embrace” cushion can be! I definitely feel “embraced,” that’s for sure! Thank you again, so much, for the ability to trial this and to experience wonderful comfort and fit!

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