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HCPCS Coding: E2613/E2614

  • Patented moldable aluminum stays conform and support back.
  • Provides pelvic and scapular relief.
  • Available in 12"-22" heights and 12"-24" widths.
  • Patented Compass Hardware quickly installs to wheelchair and easily adjusts for depth, height, and angle while the user remains seated.
  • Lightweight durable aluminum shell comes with head support holes and lateral hardware slots.
  • Three layer foam construction, including Visco surface layer.
  • Available with two fabric options: Comfort-Tek and Stretch-Air
Mobility Management Best Picks 2016
Mobility Management Best Picks award winner 2016
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Front View
Front View
Shell View
Shell View
Acta-Back Demo Video
Acta-Back Demo Video
Compass Hardware Installation
Compass Hardware Installation

  • Patented moldable aluminum stays conform and support the user’s back.
  • Complete with patented Compass® or Power Mount Hardware.
  • Durable aluminum shell comes with head support holes.
  • Aluminum shell comes with lateral trunk support hardware slots.
  • Three layer foam construction, including comfortable Visco surface layer.
  • BodiLink™ Head Support (E0955) and Hardware (E1028) are optional and available.
Moldable Support



Ordered separately.
  • 8" of pad width adjustment (4" per side).
  • Gear teeth allow laterals to adjust in 0.2" increments and lock tightly into place.


Ordered separately.
  • Fully adjustable headrest provides height, tilt, and angle positioning.
  • Positive lock mechanism assures secure positioning and allows for removal of unit within seconds.


  • Fully adjustable for height, depth, and angle of recline.
  • Requires only 1.5" of space on each cane for mounting purposes.
  • All adjustments can be made while the user is seated in the wheelchair, eliminating the need for multiple transfers during the fitting process.
  • Quick-release feature allows backrest to be removed vertically within seconds.
  • Hardware may be installed within minutes and fits 3/4", 7/8", and 1" tubing.
  • Positive locking feature for angle rotation.
Compass HardwareNote: hardware appearance my vary depending on back support size and style.
Compass Hardware


  • 1. Cane mount fits 5 different cane diameters. Shorter strap that comes standard fits 3/4”, 7/8” & 1” while longer strap provided (not pictured) fits 1 1/8” & 1 1/4”.
  • 2. Slot lock nut system prevents unwanted rotation.
  • 3. Single design allows for easy adjustment with minimal fasteners.
  • 4. Single slot design uses very little space, allowing other hardware to mount.
  • 5. Minimal fasteners, but strong design.
  • 6. Track systems prevent rotation, allowing features to nest together for additional stability.
  • 7. Combination of aluminum and steel for ultralight hardware.


Easy Installation
8" height adjustability while user is in chair
Integrates every Acta-Series back support with the following power provider:
  • Quantum with TRU-Balance 3 Power Seating System
  • Permobil with Corpus 3G Power Seating System
  • Quickie with 3.7 Power Seating System
  • Rovi with Motion Concepts Power Seating System
Acta-Back Dimensions

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Daniel Remmert/Daytona Beach
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Very good service and fitting for back. Headdress is too big and have not yet heard back about replacement.

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Christopher Smith
  • 1 stars
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  • 5 star
Awesome comfort

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Ruth "Elaine" Lake McMinnville, TN
  • 1 stars
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  • 5 star
Just got my new chair with this back on it 48 hours ago so don't really know how it will hold up but so far it does give me the support I need with the low back issues that I have. I am a bi-lateral above the knee amputee and full time manual wheelchair user so I spend all my waking hours in my chair and a supportive back is something that I must have.

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