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BodiTrak2 Standard Torso Sensor

BodiTrak2 Standard Torso Sensor:

The BodiTrak Torso is one half the size of the full-sized bed system. Its use is focused on bed side clinical care and provides interface pressure distribution and positioning information from shoulders to bottom of pelvis.

It is more portable than the full bed and much easier to slide into place between an immobile patient and the surface they are lying on.

Key features:

  • Boditrak Pro software compatible with Windows and MacBook
  • Stretchable Smart Fabric sensor mat
  • 5 V Power bank and carry bag
  • Mat length: 43 x 37 inches with a sensing area of 36 x 31 inches
  • Sensor resolution: 1”x1” sensors, 864 sensor cells
  • Ability to scan, snapshot, record video data and use data to create reports with numeric data, images and clinician notes
  • Wireless: Onboard Sensor direct and indirect IoT Wi-Fi and API
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BodiTrak2 Standard Torso Sensor
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