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BodiTrak2 Pro Bed Sensor

BodiTrak2 Full Pro Bed Sensor:

The BodiTrak Bed System is designed to cover most of the support surface, providing head to heel pressure distribution information over the surface. It is useful for confirming the best surface and positioning solutions for the client for tissue protection while in bed.

Key Features:

  • Boditrak Pro software compatible with Windows and MacBook
  • Stretchable Smart Fabric sensor mat
  • 5 V Power bank and carry bag
  • Mat length: 79 x 37 inches with a sensing area of 72 x 31 inches
  • Sensor resolution: 1”x1” sensors, 1728 sensor cells
  • Ability to scan, snapshot, record video data and use data to create reports with numeric data, images and clinician notes
  • Wireless: Onboard Sensor direct and indirect IoT Wi-Fi and API
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BodiTrak2 Pro Bed Sensor

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