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BodiTrak2 Pro

The Boditrak2 Pro provides interface pressure data of wheelchair support surfaces, specifically the seat and back supports.

This powerful, objective data collection is used by seating rehabilitation professionals, researchers, and end users around the world to:

  • Assess and document pressure management
  • Assist in product selection for standard or customized product solutions and wheelchair configurations
  • Be used as a biofeedback tool for sitting balance re-training and to teach repositioning/pressure relieving techniques

Other functions/features include:

  • Map the seat and back supports individually or simultaneously via USB or wirelessly
  • Ability to take snapshots & video and annotate on both to create reports for physicians, insurance carriers and the medical chart
  • Ability to compare up to 4 products/wheelchair configurations on a PDF report
  • Moveable Dispersion Index Box, Gradient Tab, and Regional Distribution Indicator and other key statistical values to best asses and document pressure management at high-risk areas

System Includes

  • SmartFabric Stretch Sensor Mat
  • USB Extension Cord
  • Battery Pack for Wireless Mapping
  • Pro, Lite and Quick Cal Software
  • Protective Carrying Case

Product Offerings

  • Boditrak2 Pro seat OR back sensor package- standard resolution
  • Boditrak2 Pro seat AND back sensor package- standard resolution
  • Boditrak2 Pro seat OR back sensor package- high resolution
  • Boditrak2 Pro seat AND back sensor package- high resolution
  • Boditrak2 Streamer for seat and back WIFI connection to simultaneously map seat and back
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BodiTrak2 Pro
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BodiTrak Pressure Map
For product support, please email BodiTrakLT.Support@comfortcompany.com

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