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Swing-Away Amp

HCPCS Coding: E1020

  • Designed to install on all popular wheelchairs within minutes.
  • Provides patients a fully adjustable Accessories that will coincide with any wheelchair cushion.
  • Hardware allow pad to be swung out or removed with ease to create no obstructions when transferring.
  • Installs onto either left or right side of wheelchair.
  • Fits tubing sizes from 7/8" to 1".
  • Foam construction has soft entry layer for comfort and firmer base layer for support covered with incontinent proof cover.
  • Amputee pad has adduction to help center residual limb.
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Swing-Away Amp
Amp Support Demo Video
Amp Support Demo Video


  • Toggle lever allows Amp pad to be positioned at multiple angles.
  • Up to four inches of height adjustment to accommodate varying seat cushion thicknesses.
  • Pad can be adjusted three inches in depth to accommodate wheelchair depth conversion kits.
Swing-Away Amp Vertical Adjustability


  • Quick release unit allows for fast and simple swing away.
  • Swing away feature allows patients to be easily transferred in and out of a wheelchair.
  • Pad can be removed and replaced from wheelchair.
Swing-Away Amp Quick Release Hardware



Designed for pressure relief and comfort. Solace is fluid-resistant, anti-microbial, and soft to the touch. The multi-dimensional stretch design alleviates pressure on bony prominences and provides optimal skin protection.
Swing-Away Amp Dimensions

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Very nice and useful

Larry, Columbia VA
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  • 5 star
this is my second one, first one was fine, no defects or anything, It was left on top of my truck, OOPS. very comfortable, had to use the extension leg that came with the chair, NOT comfortable at all.

part fails

J Beach/ Virginia
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  • 2 stars
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  • 5 star
SWING AWAY AMP ( swing Plate #30318) bushing that fits on mounting plate wears quickly creating space between bushing and mount pin. This caused stump rest to fall off wheel chair as soon as stump was placed on it. A harder bushing liner may allow the swing plate to function as designed longer.

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Ron / Charlotte
  • 1 stars
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  • 4 stars
  • 5 star
The Swing-Away Amp limb support has been a huge help during my healing, rehabilitation and road to independence. I would give it 5 stars except the swing away assembly broke and I have had a very difficult time getting the part replaced.

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